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TaskRabbit Review: Does It Get the Job Done?

TaskRabbit is a unique company that connects customers looking for people to carry out tasks like handiwork, shopping, and deliveries to the relevant Taskers. The same-day service platform was acquired by the IKEA group in 2017. Led by CEO Stacey Brown-Philpot, TaskRabbit has expanded into 40 markets across the United States and the United Kingdom. […]

HopSkipDrive Review | Ridesharing For Kids

If you have kids and need to drop them off to class and pick them up from school every day, you are probably in a fix about managing the commute. However, thanks to HopSkipDrive and other rideshare services dedicated to getting you and your kids where you need to go, you don’t have to stress […]

Munchery Review

For years, homemakers and working professionals alike have grappled with the issue of cooking a full meal amidst the busyness of their schedules. In this day and age, life is fast-paced, and well-organized services delivering the best quality products are more welcome than ever. With this millennial perspective in mind, it is no surprise food […]

Wingz Review

When time is of the essence and you intend to reach your destination using the smoothest possible means, a rideshare service might be the best option for you. These days, ridesharing apps are prevalent, instantly available, and can be accessed from the palm of your hand. No matter where you are, there is likely a […]

iCarpool Review

The nuisance of traffic congestions is at an all-time high in cities. As per U.S Census Bureau data, in 2016 Americans spent an average of 26.1 minutes to travel to work and the same amount of time to return home, five days a week. That adds up to over four and a half hours per […]

Favor Delivery Review

A leading on-demand delivery service located in Texas, Favor Delivery brings the comfort of getting anything delivered and running errands at the click of a finger. Favor assures you of swift service. Whether it is picking up groceries, food, laundry or delivering a package, consider it done in under an hour. For customers, the Favor […]

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How Much Can You Make With Lyft? Does It Stack Up With Uber?

With the concept of ridesharing catching up and with the ever-growing popularity of the two competitors, Uber and Lyft, drivers are facing the dilemma of whom to drive for. The answer to this decision lies in understanding how driving for Lyft can benefit the drivers and how much they can really make by driving for […]

Multiple Stops Per Ride with Uber: 10-Step Walkthrough

Since it started in 2009, Uber has become one of the most popular ride-hailing services. Over the years, it has made several changes in the services offered. These changes have not only made life extremely easy for the passengers, but they have also helped Uber drivers make more money. The company has now introduced an […]

How Much Can You Make With Uber? (Let’s Be Realistic.)

With ridesharing becoming an extremely popular option for travel these days, the prevalent notion is that working as a driver for ridesharing companies like Uber is a lucrative option. And, if you want to be your own boss, work the hours you want and at the same time earn money, then driving for Uber can […]

Uber vs. Taxi Cabs: Which One Is Better?

Our streets have changed in a myriad of ways over the past decade alone. With the introduction of on-the-go technology, apps like Google Maps and ride-sharing apps like Uber have become a part of a lot of people’s everyday commute today, offering a range of conveniences that were hard to conceive of not so long […]

How To Drive With Uber: Getting Started As A Full or Part-Time Uber Driver

Driving with Uber allows any qualified person to become a driver-partner, work their own hours, and make pretty decent earnings doing so. The maddening popularity of Uber comes with good reason: whether it’s because you’re too inebriated to drive after a night out, have a meeting before which you’d like to look through your presentation, […]

Rideshare Insurance Options For Uber and Lyft

If you are a rideshare driver or are planning to become one, ensuring your own safety and the cost of your vehicle in the event of accidents or any other damage is paramount. Drivers with cab aggregators like Uber and Lyft are often covered by insurance. In addition, different states have their own laws covering […]